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I certify that I am 21 years of age or older and will furnish photo ID at the event registration.

I certify that while I participate in this event I will not hold Bear Bash, its membership, or any organizations associated with this event responsible for any loss or injury to my person or property.

I agree that the organizers of Bear Bash are not responsible for cancellation or postponement due to a natural disaster or other events beyond their control.

I understand that Bear Bash will refund my payment minus $15 for processing fees if a refund is requested prior to 60 days before the event.

I understand that all refund requests requested within 60 days of the event will be denied.

I understand that the organizers of Bear Bash reserves the right to modify the schedule of events at any time.

I understand that public nudity is not allowed.

I understand that public sex is not allowed.

I understand that public display or use of illegal substances is prohibited.

I have read and understand the following information regarding the host hotel:

    • A valid Credit Card is Required for Hotel Reservations.
    • The host hotel is a no smoking facility. Smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas only. There will be a fine of an amount determined by the hotel and imposed to individuals if they smoke in non-smoking areas.
    • Cancellations of room reservations within 72 hours of the event will result in charge of one night stay.
    • The host hotel and Bear Bash reserves the right to remove any guest permanently from property, without refund of deposit, not adhering to policies outlined in these terms of service.

I understand that it is my personal responsibility to inform any photographers or videographers if I do not wish pictures or video taken of me while attending Bear Bash.

I understand that if I allow my picture, or a video of me, to be taken while attending Bear Bash it may be used on the web, or in print form, for advertising by Bear Bash or for use by another participant in Bear Bash.

I understand that Bear Bash is a private event and that every person attending must have purchased a run package/event pass, unless clearly stated otherwise in the event schedule and event information.

I understand that guests are not allowed to the facility that have not purchased a run package/event pass.

I understand that anyone attending the event with me must have a run package/event pass.

I understand that I may be required to sign a written version of these terms at event registration.

I understand that I am coming to an event to have fun and meet lots of wonderful people and will contribute to an environment free of drama and judgment.

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