Orlando Strong

The Center International Bear Bash and Bear Bash Events stand united with the Orlando community organizations and the amazing people behind these organizations who have been on the front lines helping the victims of the tragic Pulse Orlando shootings.

The LGBT Center of Central Florida, The Center, has been a leading organization in the community for nearly four decades. Throughout the current crisis, The Center has been coordinating with other LGBT agencies to provide compassionate care to the families and victims of this tragedy. The Center serves as a HUB to the LGBT community and has been a beacon of support to many throughout the years and throughout this current crisis.

International Bear Bash stands united with The Center and will be donating $25 from every event pass sale from now until August 1, 2016 to The Center. The donation will be given to The Center regardless of which event pass is purchased and will also be given even if a discount code is used for the purchase.

centerThe Center is located on 946 N Mills Ave in Orlando, FL. The Center has been providing services to the Central Florida LGBT community for nearly four decades and remains one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the Central Florida area.

The GLBT Community Center of Central Florida provides an array of services to the community. The Center is also one of the largest HIV Testers in the State of Florida doing almost 500 tests a month. The Center also offers Hepatitis C and STD Testing. Their testing center is free and is open 7 days a week. The Center also offers other services that include: Social & Support Groups, Professional Counseling Transgender Support, Business Referrals, Cyber Center, GED Classes, Free HIV Testing, Free Hepatitis C Testing, 12 Step Programs, GLBT Library, Information, Health Fairs, and community Events.

13418829_10153499558365736_5483163858060518532_nOn June 12, 2016 the world woke to the tragedy of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL, USA. Early reports cited 20 dead, but after authorities were able to clear the club the death toll quickly rose to 50; with reports that over 50 others were being treated for various injuries at local hospitals. The incident is now being called the worst mass shooting in US history.

As the world becomes familiar with Pulse Orlando Nightclub, few know the history of the place and the impact the club has had on the Orlando community. Pulse has been a popular nightclub and staple in the Orlando community since opening in 2004. Barabara Poma, co-owner of the club, opened the club in honor of her brother who died of AIDS. The description of the club read “It was important to create an atmosphere that embraced the gay lifestyle with decor that would make John proud. Most importantly, [we] coined the name Pulse for Johns heartbeat; as a club that is his inspiration, where he is kept alive in the eyes of his friends and family.”

Moreover, Pulse Nightclub was a supporter of the community through charitable work and demonstrated a commitment to community. Pulse was a supporter of multiple charitable organizations including The Barber Fund which is an Orlando organization that helps those living with cancer. Indeed, Pulse is a valued member of the Orlando community and often served as a sanctuary for the members and supporters of the LGBT community.