Bears Making a Difference: Keeping the Community Connected

There is no doubt that 2020 was one of the most challenging years for so many people. 2020 saw the cancellation of many gay events. Cancellations hit many pride celebrations, circuity parties, and even some of the largest bear events on the bear calendar.

For many of us, the parties that once dominated our social media news feeds gave way to frequent notifications of loss. Loss of cherished events and, in some cases, even the loss of life.

Worse, the quarantining that dominated most of 2020 thrust many people into depression. The loneliness and isolation was second nature to some and devastatingly depressing for others. Either way, the inability to often come together had a profound impact on our community.


That all said, 2020 also brought out some of the most creative people to entertain us. Many of us scrolled through hours on Tik Tok to be entertained and to stay connected. Zoom meetings and similar platforms brought us together like never before.

Members of the gay bear community did their best to keep us connected. For these creators, we could not be more grateful. Just take a look at our own, Frankie Grizz.


Of notable mention is one of our own DJ’s and our Karaoke Emcee, Frankie Grizz. Frankie can be found on Tik Tok with the user name @frankiegrizz

Frankie’s Tik Tok has more than 180 videos, most of them filmed in 2020, to entertain you. Some are just pure fun, some are duets with other great creators, and they are all very sexy.  Frankie reports that he creates his content, “To keep connected with people, I need to entertain, to make them smile, and to help keep me smiling.”

Catch Frankie live and you will be entertained with him spinning some of your favorite club hits from his garage. Always staying up on his skills and preparing for International Bear Bash 2022.